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Control Panel
Max Leaf Weight
400kg - 1000kg
Product Type
Sliding Gate

Light and performing

The perfect line for forward thinkers. Its minimalist design is cutting edge, the materials are sleek and light yet durable and sturdy, all wrapped around a high-tech core: CAME Bxv is all that, and more.

Four available models: BXV400, BXV600, BXV800, BXV1000.
Each model comes in two colors: gray and blue.


Intensive duty

A 24-V motor designed for intensive use at large apartment blocks and small residential settings, as well.


Same control board for all four models

All Bxv-series operators are fitted with the same control board. It plugs in high and horizontally to more user-friendly access when programming its multifunction, intuitive screen. The control panel also features a series of connectors for managing accessories, such as, RIOCONN, Rio System's wireless security-system management module.


Dedicated accessories

We have completely revamped the interior structure and added space for a series of dedicated accessories:

  • Green Power module to ensure tenfold reduction in energy consumption to go from 5 W to 0.5 W. To offset energy waste when in stand-by mode
  • Battery kit for power supply during blackouts
  • Gateway module for remote management
  • Heating system for operating in extremely cold settings
  • Remote releasing device
  • Magnetic limit-switch kit


Cloud connected

The CONNECT GW gateway module is an accessory kit. It enables the operator to connect up the GSM, WiFi or LAN network and to completely manage it remotely via Cloud technology.