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Control Panel
ZD2 / ZBX10
Max Leaf Weight
Product Type
Sliding Gate

Ideal solution for sliding gates

The Bx series adapts to legislative standards through new command electronics which best respond to the different needs of apartment blocks and homes. Customised solutions starting from the 230v versions, all the way up to the low tension, intensive-use ones.

  • Models Bx-74 and Bx-246 are tested according the parameters established by the current standards.
  • The Bx range is composed of several operators to meet all of the customers' needs.
  • Self-diagnosis of safety devices.
  • 001BX-10: evolved electronics with programming display, encoder for managing slow-downs, plus obstacle detections, memorising up to 250 users.
  • PRATICO SYSTEM: for activating the radio release patented by CAME, you need to add a plug-in radio-frequency card.
  • Bx-246: it works in emergency mode during blackouts.


Robust and reliable

The solution for sliding gates weighing up to 800kg and up to 20m in length. Bx is available in different versions depending on requirements, including those envisaging intensive service.


Designed to last over time

Over time, the high quality of the materials is not affected by the elements, leaving the functionality and precision of use unchanged. The Bx range consists of several models to meet various installation requirements.



  • For installers: EN Tested technology for easy system certification in accordance with European standards.
  • For users: the system incorporates electronics controlled by an encoder for safe, constant movement and safety of those using the fixture.


Easy to install

Bx is equipped with adjustable feet, to fit perfectly to the supporting surface and the transmission rack at the side of the gate.


The 230 V electronics

  • the gate is halted directly by the radio transmitter, ensuring movement control that is always to hand
  • partial opening to enable limited opening for pedestrians to pass through
  • safety even when the gate is not moving thanks to the electronic circuit that cancels all commands if an obstacle is detected by the safety devices


Convenient is an understatement

The BX-P model features the PRACTICAL SYSTEM; a patented CAME invention that enables the gate to be unlocked via radio even in the event of a power failure.

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