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Control Panel
Max Leaf Weight
Product Type
Sliding Gate

High-performance solution, ideal for large sliding and industrial gates in continuous duty conditions.

  • Range designed for high-performance and functionality in complete safety, for a variety of uses, including industrial, and continuous duty.
  • All BKV motors feature the new "Adaptive Torque Technology" to ensure lasting, smooth, constant speed during movement.
  • Control board, with separate terminal blocks and graphical display, for simpler installing and diagnosing. Can store up to 250 users. Four safety inputs which can be configured to directly managethe (8k2Ω) resistive sensitive safety-edges.
  • Set up to run CAME KEY and to connect to the cloud via CAME Connect.
  • New quick-release lever for emergencies.
  • On-board Rolling Code and (Twin) Key Code radio-frequency decoding.
  • It manages RIO System 2.0 wireless safety accessories via the 806SS-0040 accessory.
  • The R800 accessory lets you directly manage CAME keypads, while the R700 lets you connect CAME transponder selectors.


Cloud connected

The CONNECT GW gateway module is an accessory kit. It enables the operator to connect up the GSM, WiFi or LAN network and to completely manage it remotely via Cloud technology.