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Control Panel
ZL56 / ZL56A
Max Traction Force
850 N
Product Type
Garage Door

Ideal solution for sectional and overhead residential garage doors.
Maximum traction force: 850 N.

  • Automation fixed directly onto the transmission guide.
  • 24 V DC system to ensure maximum security and total reliability.
  • A complete range of command and security accessories to complete the automation.
  • Belt or chain operated slide guides; silent and reliable, plus outside and inside pull-cord release, to fit to the door handle.
  • Tested in compliance to parameter established by the current norms.
  • Works in emergency mode during blackouts.



Ver is the ideal solution for most small and medium garage doors, both overhead and sectional. The availability of a wide range of accessories means it is easy for the operator to adapt to your fixture, without expensive configuration interventions. In addition, the motor can be put in three different positions depending on the space available.

All in one

  • a stylish, resistant container protects the control board and any emergency batteries
  • the built-in light illuminates the access point when in service, allowing you to return home safely
  • a guide for each door: with toothed belt or chain to meet every need


For installers: EN Tested technology for easy system certification in accordance with European standards.

For users: the system is managed by the adjustable built-in control board, whose functions include the self-diagnosis of safety device before the operator goes into service.


  • quiet, reliable sliding rails, easy to install on the ceiling
  • external cord-pull release which can be affixed directly to the standard handle on the door itself, when no other entrances to the garage are available
  • control and safety accessories

The 24 V electronics

  • maximum safety even at when the motor is not moving: the electronics disables any command if the safety devices detect an obstacle
  • obstacle detection. A special electronic circuit stops or reverses movement in the event of accidental impact
  • no more power failures thanks to the integrated batteries (optional), to open and close the garage in any situation
  • Ver can also be applied to canopy overhead doors (partially-retracting) and spring-balance overhead doors (fully-retracting).

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