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Antipanic break-away system for SIPARIO and RODEO.

  • For sliding doors, when an emergency opening is required.
  • Integrates perfectly with CAME's S40 series door profiles.
  • Ground slide guide to allow rotation of the door for the emergency opening.
  • The special and safe profiles for opening the door from outside.
  • The antipanic system can be fitted to both moving and fixed leaves.


Break-through anti-panic system

Essential if the opening is also used as an emergency exit. Suitable for Sipario and Rodeo sliding doors.



  • slide rail to enable door rotation and opening in an emergency
  • special profiles that exclude opening from the outside
  • can be applied on both mobile and fixed leaves
  • can be used with S40 series profiles


WARNING: For door leaves greater than 1,100mm and up to 1,500mm it is MANDATORY to fit the accessory carriage supplied in the package. On leaves lesser than 1,100 mm, fitting the carriage results in the best possible performance from the operator. Proper working of the carriage is ensured when the floor is perfectly smooth.