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Infrared, volumetric and swipe sensors, even remotely controlled.

  • Refined and exclusive design.
  • Control solutions for any needs.
  • Various models of sensors for top functionality of the door in any application.
  • Simplified connections directly to the control board that command the operator.
  • Safe and efficient.
  • Tested in compliance to parameter established by the current norms.


Completes the offer

Motion and infrared radar, touch sensors, sensitive mats, microphotocells, for installation on automatic doors, both sliding and swing, for any type of use.

For control

  • function selector. Enables working status selection, checking leaf movement
  • touch motion sensor. A manual command that enables door opening without coming into physical contact with the command itself. Suitable for use in hospitals or doctors' surgeries
  • numerical code selectors and transponder sensors. Personal code, card or transponder keychains, only authorised personnel will be able to activate the operator

For safety

  • sensitive mats. Elements designed for preparing a local ground command, such as door opening. Suitable for applications in small spaces
  • infrared radar with range adjustable up to 3m. Used in the majority of operators intended to control pedestrian transit, in commercial environments
  • microwave motion radar. Specific for detecting both people and objects (e.g. trolleys); ideal in supermarkets and shopping centres. Available in 4 different models. Field depth of up to 2.5m and field with of 4m
  • infrared safety radar. Specific detection device for protecting areas adjacent to leaf movement