The installation of electric gates is like any other project that involves practical work and must be carried out efficiently. The work involved must be undertaken in the correct stages with the necessary interim gap between, to allow for the natural "hardening-off" period of the concrete. Also in this period the actual "in-factory" fabrication work can take place. As a general rule, the sooner the first stage can take place the better. This then allows for the "hardening-off "period to be longer so ensuring the end result will be stronger. The work can normally all be completed within two days at stage one, then a gap of about ten days and then another consecutive three days at stages two and three. We concentrate on the aim of carrying out our work swiftly and efficiently with a minimum of fuss, mess or bother so that the end result will go on to give many, many years of satisfactory service. Special arrangements can be made for urgent "pre-holiday" installations, overnight or bank holiday working, in fact whatever is required to ensure that our customers are served well.
Note: Before any civil engineering is carried out, please contact us for advice.